We have been running Forest School toddler clubs through spring, summer and now autumn.  During our sessions over the last couple of weeks we have found the children really enjoy climbing, swinging and jumping so we brought along a slackline, hammocks, rope swings and a rope ladder to this week’s Toddler Club.

The children have chance to climb trees and use the equipment we put up. This is a great way for children to build confidence in their own ability and a sense of pride in what they achieve.

Climbing in Forest School also lets children gain new physical skills and is a great way of exercising and burning off some energy.

Parents can also support children in thinking about risks and how to keep themselves safe. Children don’t often get the chance to manage risks themselves as it is something adults normally do for them. So letting them climb, explore and decide what they feel safe doing is a great way for children to gain an awareness of the world around them.

We finished this week’s session with a campfire, another great way for children to try something risky and exciting whilst staying safe.
Don’t forget that there are lots of animals and other things to do at Greenslate farm. It is a great place to visit with toddlers.