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Feb 23 2024


10:30 am - 2:30 pm

Feb holiday school camp at Greenslate farm 10:30-2:30pm

We are doing a shorter day due to the winter weather.


Forest camp in  holidays

What to bring- 

Please can you ensure your child wears warm/waterproof clothing and boots. We suggest children where a base layer, long sleeve top, jumper, fleece and waterproof coat, warm pants and waterproof pants. It is better to have too many layers and take them off even on a warm day.

Your child will need lunch, snacks and a large drink.

Any medication your child self-administers eg inhalers. We do have a medication form if you require our staff to administer medication.

What will my child be doing?

Children will arrive and be taken to the forest; here we will go through our health and safety rules with the children.

Our sessions are led by the children, they can choose what they want to do and our team of experienced forest school practitioners will follow the children’s lead on what activities we offer. We will also provide some structured activities like den building, fire lighting, team games and tool crafts following the children’s interest.

After our picnic lunch in the woods, we will build a fire and toast some campfire snacks. There are toilets and hand washing facilities back on the farm.


We have a positive behaviour policy where we respect each child as an individual and discuss problems rather than an authoritative approach.


We have a full Forest school handbook that is available for you to read with more information on our policies and procedures. Please let us know if you require a copy.


We will meet you at the farm at 10:30am the start of the holiday club to sign children in. We will meet you at the gate where the donkeys are which is behind the cafe, at the bottom of the track where you drive in to the farm. Please walk up to the woods to collect the children at 2:30pm.



  • Booking conditions, unfortunately we can’t refund places if parent’s cancel 5 days before the day booked including for covid or other sickness. If we cancel for any reason (such as extreme weather) full refund will be given. If you do need to cancel, you may pass the place to another child but we will need the child’s info before the day of the session.  If you are booking on the strike session, if the strike is cancelled we will refund.


Any questions please get in contact.


Kind regards,


Kate Collins


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