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Halloween Horrors Outdoor Party Ideas

Halloween is a great time of year to explore the woods. Autumn makes it very atmospheric and the weather is normally quite good. We have put together some ideas for a Halloween that you could do in any outdoor space.

How about making witches potions? All you need is a stirring stick and some old pots. We reuse yogurt pots. Mix in some fallen leaves, mud, seeds and a splash of water. At our recent Halloween toddler club we build a witches den out of sticks and made some witches brooms to whiz around the woods!

We also set up ‘pumpkin bowling’ using some old milk bottles and a pumpkin. We drew some ghost faces on the milk bottles and the children had a go at knocking them down.

If you have any clay, play dough or even salt dough hanging around then you could make a scare crow. Find a stick that looks like a body with arms and legs. Roll a ball of clay up and pop it on the top of the stick. Collect leaves and seeds and make a face on the clay to make your own scarecrow.

During our Halloween toddler club we also set up some imaginative play areas like our bat cave and spiders web. We got some cheap decorations from Poundland and hung them in the trees. We covered the decorations with tarps to make spooky caves.